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Jun 10, 2017 -- Tibor -- United Kingdom -- SY0-401
I passed the S+ exam in May, make sure when you sit the exam: do the drag and drops with Ensurepass VCE Files and finally practice the practice question. Get use to the wording, that is what always trips me up with the questions. IF you don't enjoy the learning don't do the subject Take brakes good luck hope this helps

Jun 2, 2017 -- SJ -- United States -- 200-901
Hi this dump is 100%. I took the 901 last week and passed, there was one sim where you match ports 21,23, 25 and one other one to their function, the other was setting up a soho office vs a family room with hardwear, and setting up a router for a library. Good luck!

May 19, 2017 -- JeffJ -- Netherlands -- 70-412
Passed today finally MCSA .. score 831 by using this dump aswell as others. TP: INVESTIGATE every question and doubt every answer because many questions are slightly reworded in the exam or are answered not with the best answers Example If you can choose between ADUC or ADAC then Always use the last tool MS provided for that type of OS.. (ADUC for 2008 and ADAC for 2012 R2 GOOD LUCK ..

May 01, 2017 -- Ervedeka -- United States -- 70-412
Passed today USA. 812. New question about subordinate CA and how to proceed setting up web enrollment. MCSA achieved.

Apr 10, 2017 -- Geele -- United States -- 156-215.77
Thanks God, dump is 100% valid, took the exam yesterday, April 22nd, passed and can verify that this document from Ensurepass is 100% accurate. There are about 10 questions that were not on here, but they are easy if you understand these questions. In total, there are 100 questions, but they only grade 90 of them. I finished in under 40 minutes 92/100. Good Luck?

Apr 23, 2017 -- Krish -- United States -- 156-215.77
Dump is still valid. Passed yesterday. And most 7 new questions.

Apr 07, 2017 -- gaps -- United States -- 70-410
Passed exam today got 8XX. There are about 10 new questions in the exam Be carefull: Do yourself a favor investigate all answers, so you know WHAT the correct answers should be Thanks for Ensurepass!!

Mar 30, 2017 -- Mr. V -- United States -- N10-006
I purchased the N10-006 dumps and did my exam this morning. I passed with 90%. All the questions and simulations were exactly the same.

Feb 22, 2017 -- SHP -- United States -- 220-902
The 220-902 VCE File is 100% Valid , Passed it 893/900 .I got a couple of sims but it's more like hardware etc related not that difficult but even if you miss the sims this will get you passed, Good luck

Feb 21, 2017 -- Sam Quirk -- Bosnia and Herzegovina -- 220-901
This files are totally valid on the Balkans area. I have just passed 901, 95% was covered here. Answer to store 95GB data or smthing in the dump is correct. Sims are the same as mentioned: SOHO wifi (look for all the tabs), HTPC and office pc build, storage build (2 HDDs, IDE, 7200rpm). Big thanks for Ensurepass!! Good luck for everybody!!

Feb 10, 2017 -- Frank -- United States -- SY0-401
Passed Today with 823/900 1st attempt. Got 5 performance based Questions in the exam, some of them were on this Dump with some details changed. Studied using Darril Gibson, Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead SY0-401 Study Guide, Good luck

Nov 24 2016 - Just passed with a 799 today
Tuesday November the 8th. Studied the 1756 question dump. All simulations were valid and on the exam. About 2 questions were similar on the exam. The scenarios given were very tricky. Try to blow through yhe sims and save all your time for the questions. Understand the concepts of all the topics in the dump and you will pass for sure.

Jun 21 2016 - Passed 726 Today.!
Came 85 % of questions from Ensurepass.com. All others are new and can be answered after carefully read. Lets see you all in 70-411.

Feb 21 2016 - I Passed today with 730
I Passed today with 730 Using Ensurepass.com Dump, about 8 New Questions, 3 Case of Study, Questions about profile to create VM all appear, about Guest OS, Hardware, Capability, Application, 3 questions about that topic appear..

Jan 11 2016 - I passed the exam today
About 10-15% new questions. Make sure you have gone through the book and have clear understanding of the concepts. Good Luck!!

Apr 24 2015 - The scores were exactly according to my expectation
My study went perfectly fine for MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 7, and I was totally happy when I got to see the result.

Apr 21 2015 - Valid 95% Just passed today!
Don't underestimate yourself when you have the brilliant option of using these test papers for your System Administrator exam and after that success will also assured.

Feb 21 2015 - Test I took was VERBATIM from EnsurePass
I was very pleasantly surprised. The wording on the actual test was exactly the same as the EnsurePass test. I used it as a supplement after studying hard. I needed to actually understand the material for my job, but ALSO pass the damn test, which would have been very difficult without EnsurePass. I will be a repeat customer for sure.

Jan 11 2015 - Worked for me
I can't speak for others but I have had great return from purchasing CCNA exam from EP. It was an exact same test though I did my study as well from book but it prepared me well for the test n guess what I passed it in my 1st attempt. For me totally worth it.......

Aug 21 2014 - Valid 100% Just passed today!
Questions are definitely valid, just took the test in Chicago.Score 460! Thanks!

Aug 14 2014 - This dump (VCP 510) is totally valid, passed the exam today!
Thanks From London UK!This DUMP is valid but read the questions carefully. The answers are re-arranged in different order.

Aug 04 2014 - I took the exam (SY0-301) and passed with 100% - this is completely valid
Passed today , this dump is pretty close. Took my Sec+ exam today and scored a 816/900. Some of the questions are new. Be mindful of the simulations though.

Jul 24 2014 - Exam straight on this, 100% valid.EX300!
AWESOME DUMP 100% VALID !!! passed today with 100%.

Jul 08 2014 - Thanks. Passed with a 845 score
I passed and got an 845, this dump is valid. There was about 5 new questions or so, but common sense type of questions. 4 Sims. Word for word questions from this dump. If you use it as a study tool then you should be fine .

Jun 12 2013 - 220-802!Passed!
Took this test today studying this dump only, passed!!! 100% Valid. Test is exactly the same. My test was 78 questions total, 3 sims. 900 score. A+ certified!Thank you!!

Jun 04 2013 - 95% Vaild!Read the question carefully,the Q&As were rewritten.
Thanks from New York, U.S.A, however look out for question details as few of the questions have been modified and the answers have been re-worded.

Mar 04 2013 - Good job!Passed!
100% valid here in the US.Just remember that the options will change but the answers are the same. Only study the answers not the options.

Apr 07 2013 - This 70-680 PDF is valid in Indonesia
I have passed the exam. Just advice to who will take the same exam, study hard and always focus. I have spend 3 weeks for preparing the test and learned 404 questions from this dump.

Apr 06 2013 - Passed with an 840.
Studied all 404 questions and memorized the answers.There was also a question about if you installed Microsoft Office on Windows 7 how do you set it to download updates automatically. The answer was thorough Windows Updates and select "Give me updates for Microsoft products......"

Feb 12 2013 - I pass today 880/1000
Three people in my office have taken it in the last 2 months, with scores of 800, 804, & 820. Still valid!

Jan 04 2013 - Thanks for the Q&As
Passed VCP-510 in Poland on 28 December,but look at the answers because the official exam shorten the sentence both the question and answers. I passed with 417/500.

Jan 10 2013 - Pass VCP-510 in Lincoln
This is 100% valid here in Lincoln, Ne at SCC. Passed with 461,completed in 18 mins,but if I would have known that I also need to take courses for this exam I probably wouldnt have taken it now but later.

Jan 14 2013 - Did CCNA this morning. 960
Passed today!I did not see any new questions.Sims were VTP,Access List2 and EIGRP. My VTP was exactly same in Ensurepass.The show vtp status did not show me the ip address(the last line). Typed it like 5 times but the same response.I had to guess.EIGRP AS no was changed to 12 instead of 212 on Ensurepass and the names of the routers were changed.A rogue network was added to one of the routers which i removed and i had to add another network to the same router.

Nov 08 2012 - The DUMP is 95% valid
Passed exam with 965 marks.Labs are same as those in Ensurepass.com.There were two or three questions out of it.This model is still valid.

Dec 19 2012 - My marks got cut in labs
This Q&As is 100% valid .. passed exam with 976. The exam contained 53 questions and my marks got cut in labs.. dont know why ? but Ensurepass labs' r valid.

Nov 23 2012 - Best Wishes For ALL
Thanks god today i passed routing exam and all question came from this dumb only lab Scenario comming with different ip . this model still valid

Nov 29 2012 - Here is a small update
The Q&As is 99% valid.Not 100% because they modified 2 questions for me:QUESTION 1 - At the exhibit were 4 routers OSPF. IPs = .1 .2 .3 .4 The question was in which state the router 2 is if you rebooted the routers simultaneously? I answered FULL/DROTHER because the show command was performed on the router 4 which had highest ip => it was DR.Router 3 has .3 IP so it is BDR.Router 2 is DROTHER and has FULL state with DR.And I have got 100% for OSPF so that was the right answer.QUESTION 2 - they modified the OSPF LAB and you have to configure different AS and AREAS but the task is still the same.About copy running-config startup-config. On some routers it works, but on some does not. But its a good practice to do it everywhere.

Dec 24 2012 - I PASSED WITH 467
Valid! But exam is very tough even with the answers. Learn the material and understand the questions and why it is that particular answer.

Dec 28 2012 - 95% of the exam is on EP
Just finished the exam an hour ago. I would say 90-95% of the exam is on this dump. There were about 5 questions I've never seen. However, you should still pass regardless. Verify each question in the test and you'll be fine.