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How to buy

Purchase with an account on EnsurePass.com

1. Click "Register" on top right corner on our website to become a member of EnsurePass.com.
2. If you have registered before you can click "login" directly. If not, you need to register first.
3. After you "Register" or "Login" successfully, you can choose to be forwarded to the "My Account" or "Home Page".
4. Enter a term in the Search bar/try to click the "Certifications" or "Products" to find the subject which you need, and then click the button "Add to cart" to add our product to the cart.
5. In this page, please confirm the quantity and coupon code carefully. Then, you should click the button "Continue Checkout".
6. In this page, please confirm the order information then click the button "Continue Checkout"
7. You will be redirected to PayPal platform automatically, and we will not request any important information from you. (Using PayPal account or credit card such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and JCB to purchase it directly.)
After you complete your payment, we will send the exam in pdf format to you instantly or you can download it at the user certer

Unable To Complete Payment?

If you are a PayPal user and you receive the following PayPal Error:

1. "Error: Unable To Process This Transaction"
2. "Unable To Complete Payment"
3. "Unable To Proceed, Try again Later"
The wording may be a little different, but the message is essentially the same.

You may need to follow these steps to remedy the situation:

1. Login your PayPal account.
2. Near the top of the page, there is a "SEND MONEY" Tab. Directly under this, there is "Pay for EnsurePass Items". Clicking on that, should pull up ALL the purchases you have on EnsurePass that are not yet paid.
3. You can then select the one you would like to pay and complete your transaction.

Something you may have missed:

Clearing the cookies on your internet browsers may solve the issue and then restart your computer.

This should solve the problem! If you are still experiencing any problems, please contact Ensurepass Customer Support